Rajinder Inhola

Corporate Training Head - Operations

Rajinder started his career in the F&B industry at the age of 17, and has since garnered extensive experience working in various restaurants, cafes, and bars. Bringing with him a specialisation in kitchen operations and management of the kitchen staff, he endeavours to take on even more challenging enterprises. As a professional of the industry, he brings his passion and enthusiasm to ZHC, where his role as F&B Cuisine Trainer sees him writing concepts, menus, recipes and assisting in kitchen design.

Rahul Sharma

Facility Designer and Planner

With a background into infrastructural planning only. Rahul not only follows a strict and strong essence of planning for layouts but also does he route up all the mechanical service planning with easy. Being young and a real time hands on approach, quick service rendering to the restaurant planning becomes his motto.

Avinash Bhardwaj

Chef Trainer

'Jerry' as he's fondly called, is a Kickstarter to our kitchens. Ingredient pairing and recipe management is his forte. A youthful approach has landed him the art of creating new recipes for our kitchens.