About Us

I established Zion Hospitality Consultants as a hospitality firm in 2008. I was first involved with designing & hospitality consulting for restaurants, bars, food courts, nightclubs. My early arrays into this field had been for consulting houses in India and I worked directly on conceptualization, business planning as a Chef to launch several concepts/outlets domestically as well as internationally. Furthermore, we were involved in creating the lasting menu philosophy and retail sales strategies for seasoned players into hospitality.
Under my direction, the main principle of our company is to aim to become the forefront of hospitality and emphasize Indian Culture and geographical features as a method to express our thoughts whilst maintaining our originality. At ZHC we offer a dynamic team geared towards creative challenges with innovative results in the field of Hospitality & Food Service concept and design. We specialize in assisting its clients to establish Restaurant and Hotel ventures which are successful Business Models. We support a corporate structure designed to continually service our ongoing projects in the country.
Our originality comes from the fact of Being Indian We have restructured our research into the visual and physical attributes of the fine Indian Culinaire. Essentially, we pitch in to make hospitality sector better than what it is now and strive on this ongoing task for years to come. We respect Nature and thus base our concepts on the demography as well as seasonal influences of the location. We strongly believe that our biggest duty and challenge is to answer all the hospitality needs in a space to create a balanced product. Just the idea of doing something different gives birth to our fashionable and stylish projects.

Spaces cannot be imitated or create by styling alone. Style is a system which synergizes and co-ordinates all the positives of energy into one space. This energy is created with people with different backgrounds and feelings gathered to one space – aspirations, contradictions, frustrations, hopes and desires for the future.
Simply, people often question the radiance and power a place or space can transmit and I love to provide them with the answers.

Umesh Kapoor

"jnanena tu tad ajnanam
yesham nasitam atmanah
tesham aditya-vaj jnanam
prakasayati tat param"

When, however, one is enlightened with the knowledge by which nascence is destroyed, then His knowledge reveals everything, as the sun lights up everything in the daytime. Identity with individuality in spiritual life is real knowledge.

Our Vision

With a tailor – made approach towards the client, ZHC does not set successful hospitality projects but thrives on setting successful and revenue generating business models for a considerable success rate.

Our Mission

With a blend of youthful exuberance and wealthful experience, our core competencies are Hospitality and Interior Design Development and kitchen design.