We get results

You need to be smart and objective about your business. We can't save a lazy operator. But at some point, even the brightest bulb in the pack needs to muster a little humility. The restaurant business is complex. For many operators of independent restaurants, hiring a consultant is inevitable. They realize they don't know as much as they would like about every aspect of their complex and multifaceted business. They need help from someone who has done it before.
We have managed or operated successful enterprises, and found that our passion is helping businesses grow rather than simply keeping a successful operation on course. As we gain experience with a number of different restaurants, we gain a view of the business that very few restaurateurs possess.
When a restaurant faces a nagging problem or is about to enter a new stage of growth, it may be time to consider us. In the long run, the initial cost of hiring us can be recouped many times over by helping you overcome a troublesome operational problem or avoid a costly mistake in the startup or expansion phase.
Being an objective outsider, we may be able to recognize and employ solutions more effectively than you and your staff. When you're so close to a situation there is a tendency to favor a predetermined outcome, versus a creative solution. We can provide a fresh, objective point of view without an agenda to push.